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A Sealing Ceremony or a Swaddling ceremony is a unique ritual that helps women reclaim their strength and power. This process is a great way to complete the transitional periods of life such as giving birth, moving to a different place or recovering from a serious illness or a divorce. Sealing ceremony is a way to create a sacred place and give deeper attention to the woman’s heart and soul, for her body and womb, to recreate the ability to live in joy and wisdom, bring the energy back and close energy “Gates” so she can become whole again. It’s a beautiful mothering ritual that awakens the inner light and connects us with our source.

The ritual includes:

Conversation: we begin our work with a conversation during which the woman formulates her request, this determines the direction of our work and the true value of the experience.
Deep relaxation: 
Body work with Mexican scarf rebozo;
Traditional Mayan Uterine massage(optional);
Sacred ritual in warm bath with herbs and water massage;
Body massage with warm oils;
Swaddling process: closing seven “Gates” (swaddling the body with 7 rebozos).
And we are closing our work with putting a new cloths as a celebration of a new status.

The whole process usually takes 5-6 hours.